Alison is now representing high quality chandeliers made in Italy.

Spiral 1 Spiral 2 Spiral 3
Pendulum II in blown ribbed glass tiers with no frame-work weight 375lbs

The Borghese family have been making crystals and chandeliers in northern Italy since 1860. Today Rocco Borghese chandeliers are pure works of art. He combines an instinctive Italian understanding of style and design with the skill and passion of an artisan.

Beauty. Style. Elegance. Three words that capture the essence of a chandelier. Rocco's custom designed creations test the limits of glasswork, indulging the senses with something utterly unique.

Alison Glen has now brought Rocco's works to Los Angeles, they are showcased in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

Follow the link below to browse the collections gallery, or contact Alison for a brochure or consultation if you need help selecting the ideal piece for your home.